Blending vintage pop aesthetics with diary-like songwriting, Personal Trainer creates a lo-fi sound that speaks to the heart of a young generation.  Made up of singer/songwriter Kayla Mickelsen and producer George Seay, the Nashville based duo has quickly won over legions of fans with intimate, lovelorn songs.  Now, with the release of their new EP ‘Reflex,’ they are on the brink of reaching a national audience.

Personal Trainer first emerged in 2019 with the single ‘Obsessed,’ which currently boasts over one million streams.  In the ensuing years, they continued their meteoric rise, building a catalog of increasingly impressive content.  To date, they’ve been featured on genre defining playlists including Indie Pop, Fresh Finds, Bedroom Pop, in addition to earning praise from several prominent critics.

Kayla and George have that unique synergy that only comes from years of making music together.  They’ve spent six years working together on a variety of projects, becoming keenly aware of how to accentuate each other’s strengths.

“When I bring an idea of a song to George, he builds a track to illuminate it in ways I would have never thought of,” Kayla explains.

Their chemistry is on full display on the forthcoming ‘Reflex,’  A brilliant rumination on the recent traumas we’ve all endured.  The album’s themes of toxic relationships, generational angst, and existential crisis, are brought to life in vivid detail by Kayla’s fearless lyricism.  

Despite its heavy themes, ‘Reflex’ is extremely accessible, thanks to its buoyant rhythms and memorable hooks.  It is the sound of two young artists struggling to make sense of the world while creating as much beauty as possible.  With new content and live performances expected in 2021 and beyond, Personal Trainer is on its way to becoming a mainstay of the modern pop world.