You are about to permanently alter the course of your natural life with…Improvement Movement.

This year will see enigmatic psychedelic pop band Improvement Movement embark on a sonic expedition and release a series of mysterious singles, each as labyrinthine and whimsical as the last.

Their catalog is, by turns, neurotic and playful. From the kaleidoscopic and mind-expanding “It’s a Situation,” to the apocalyptic folk song “How Long” — and every track in between — Improvement Movement defies categorization, proving to be as frenetic as it is thoughtful, as incisive as it is flippant. 

Their debut single “Strange Secrets Worth Knowing,” set for release on April 7th of 2022 is a dizzying introduction to the groups’ ambitious, vertically integrated debut album “Don’t Delay, Join Today.” 

When asked to describe the project, Improvement Movement spokesman Joel Rogers said: 

“Depending on the day of the week, Improvement Movement might be described as a loose amalgamation of Atlanta songsmiths, a hostile corporate takeover of your dads favorite band, or a generous waste of time.”

Improvement Movement includes (but is not limited to) a rotating cast of Atlanta musicians like Tony Aparo, Zach Pyles, Marshall Ruffin (The Mount, RUFFIN), Clark Hamilton (klark.sound, Safari Williams), — each a full-fledged artist in their own right — to execute their recordings and live shows. 

With their forthcoming release set for Summer 2022, the group hopes to satisfy their contractual obligations to Acrophase Records. 

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Is The Improvement Movement a cult ?

A: The Improvement Movement has never been a cult. The Improvement Movement is not currently a cult. The Improvement Movement is unlikely to become a cult in the future. The Improvement Movement cannot say this with certainty because predicting the future is the practice of cults, and the Improvement Movement is not a cult.