Blue Wilson is the moniker for singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Stevenson. Born and raised in the mountains north of Los Angeles, Stevenson has been quietly releasing home recordings since the age of 15. In 2016, Michael along with college classmate Rounak Maiti, launched the group Small Forward – a project grown out of their shared love for 70s balladry and psych-tinged Americana. 

Stevenson’s latest endeavor, Blue Wilson, explores deeper within this field, marking the project as a notable venture in its own right. In spring of 2021, the 26-year old entered the studio with producer/engineer Ben Lumsdaine to craft what would ultimately become his debut album Future Street. Thematically, the songs center around musings on isolation and partnership while offering sincere moments of self-reflection. Drawing on a wide-range of sonic influences, the album meanders through lush pop arrangements and more tender acoustic moments. Blue Wilson’s Future Street was released in the spring of 2022 through Acrophase Records.