Ava McCoy was born and raised in New York City. Through years of performing, Ava found her knack for songwriting, as well as picking up instruments in her free time. Ava blends her americana folk roots with indie rock sensibility. Her debut album, Moss On The Ceiling, was 3 years in the making and released in February of 2022. She frequented the Boston house show scene throughout her college years, and is now based back home in New York. Her single, From Me, came out in November of 2022, catching the attention of a growing online community leading up to its release. Her upcoming EP, Closer to the Bugs, will be released on Acrophase Records, home to artists such as Ginger Root and Winona Forever. Both projects were produced in collaboration with her friends Pearce and Fletcher, members of Los Angeles-based band Lonely Pirate Committee. She has found her individual and mystical sound, while grabbing the attention of indie staples such as Snail Mail, Jai Paul and Clairo, to name a few. She is a big fan of laying on the grass and a good snack.